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 Gymkhana Time!

Our parties inspire and excite both children (the competitors) and adults (the spectators) alike.

Inspired by Nostalgic Summer Gymkhanas and traditional pony games,  children gamble, gallop and play, competing and racing on wooden horses in Gymkhana Games, both over fences jumping courses and racing around flags.

Children compete in individual and team games races and enjoy specifically designed pony games such as Dancing Dressage Ponies and  Musical horse statues.

These active and original games are combined with nostalgic British summer games such as

- egg and spoon racing

- sack races 

- wheelbarrow races.


  All games are age appropriate and loved by boys and girls from 3- 10 years.

  ( and of course Adults of any age)

My hobby horse and friends provide all ponies and equipment required.

For all enquiries please email

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