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My Hobby Horse and Friends combine a love of craft, ignites the imagination and provides hours of active and energetic play for children from two to ten years old.


hobby horse and blossom

My Hobby Horses allow children to create and customize there own unique design Classic.

Created by a  mother of two small people in early 2021 in response to a need for children to be able to engage in a way that combines creative and thoughtful activity with physically active play.

My Hobby Horses don't have wheels and are uniquely weighted to allow children to run and jump, so wether over fences or flower pots, cushions or cardboard or creating a stable, and food for thought. There is hours of active fun to be had either playing solo or with friends with these reinvented design classics. 

Our hobby horses are easy to assemble, weave the mane, add the cross handle and gallop away!

We encourage you to explore other options ; up-cycle some old fabrics, or make plaits out of string!

All our hobby horses are made of sustainable Birch ply wood.

A wonderful surface for painting on with any children's acrylic paints You may like one colour, or may be a rainbow - how about some stars and stripes? The only limit is your imagination!

We recommend using minimal water to avoid it bleeding on the wood grain.



All our Hobby Horses are designed in the UK, made in London and  finished by hand. 
Each Hobby Horses is made from sustainably sources Scandinavian birch plywood with European Lime wood handles.
Their  Manes are made from 100% cotton ribbon.
We aim to use minimal packaging, our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and we only use biodegradable paper tape.

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